We understand that moving home is a stressful time and we would like to make the moving of your broadband service as easy as possible. If you are moving, and wish to keep your broadband connection with us, then please read the following guide for the easiest way to achieve this. The move is done in 2 parts, these being the ceasing of your broadband service on the original phone line and then the activation of broadband on your new line.

Step 1 - Ceasing the service at your current property
We require 14 days written notice to cease the line at your current property when possible (please note that we can not give pro-rata refunds or invoices for part of a billing period used). Please email with your current Aquiss username and the date you are likely to move, or whenever you would like your old connection terminated.

It should be noted there is a £40.00 (inc VAT) cease charge to disconnect your broadband service at your current local telephone exchange. It must be stressed that this is not an Aquiss charge, but instead a BT Openreach charge, passed on via ourselves. If there are any remaining months left on your minimum contract to complete, whilst at this property, you would also need to settle these in full. Contracts are not transferred between properties.

It should also be noted that charges will also be triggered if your telephone service is cancelled causing our broadband service to be ceased. If your not looking for your broadband service to be reconnected by Aquiss at this time or looking to change your Aquiss username at the new property, then you do not need to follow Step 2.

Step 2 - Reconnecting your broadband service at your new property
As soon as you know your new phone number (this can sometimes be the same number that you currently have if your transferring the telephone number to your new property), please email Aquiss support telling us your new address, your new number and when it will be activated. We will continue to use your current username and password, unless you state otherwise.

Where no offers or deals are presently running, there is a charge of £96.00 (inc VAT) payable before we can start the new installation process. New connections normally complete 7 days after the line has been connected. We naturally recommend customers speak to us to see what current offers are available.

Sometimes, there can be issues outside both yours and our control. We will let you know whenever we encounter problems with this process, and it would help us help you if you could inform us what is happening if any changes or problems occur during the move. You may email at any time or phone 01746 708090

In Summary : You will need to provide the following to move
1) Your current Aquiss username
2) Your new or current telephone number
3) Your new address in full
4) Your moving date

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