This article provides details about a process known as FTTC Waiting Lists, which has an impact on FTTC cabinets, resulting in delays to activation of services to both consumers and businesses.

Please Note: We are currently not supporting FTTC Waiting List orders due to the extremely long waiting times for spaces on cabinets to become available, that in some cases are taking many months to be resolved, if ever. With the move to FTTP (Full Fibre) services taking place, Openreach, who are our network partner, have changed focus and therefore upgrades to FTTC cabinet rarely take place. We will continue to review our position on a quarterly basis, but it remains currently that FTTC orders that are subjected to Waiting Lists, is not service we currently offer.

What are FTTC cabinet Waiting List?
An increasing amount of FTTC cabinets (green boxes in streets) are falling into the status of being full of capacity, which is normally the result of where local demand that is being served from that cabinet has stripped supply or where historical orders to the cabinet have been drip fed. Openreach are naturally trying to manage capacity, rather than leaving expensive equipment within the UK wide network unused.

When this occurs the cabinets are getting marked as in a Waiting List status, as can be seen in the picture below.

Example of waiting list

Can I check if my cabinet is on a Waiting List?
Yes. This information is held in the public domain by visiting where you can enter either your telephone number or provide your full address details. The results will be displayed in a similar format to the details shown above.

Do all providers support the Waiting List Process?
No. Whilst there is nothing technically stopping all providers in the UK who use Openreach's network from supporting the Waiting List process, many providers, have opted not to support this process, due to it being highly manual and human resource intensive, but instead will give out unrealistic information about FTTC coverage, such as not being available or will expect a customer to keep checking for coverage in the future, when FTTC coverage is already there. This can be levelled increasingly at the largest providers in the industry, such as BT Retail, Plusnet, Sky and TalkTalk who have washed their hands of any support.

Thankfully Aquiss has supported this process since it was first introduced and has a complete inhouse managed process, to monitor customers and orders on waiting lists, keeping all parties informed of how things are progressing.

How long do I have to wait to get FTTC where a Waiting List is present?
This really does depend on many factors, including how many people are in the queue ahead of you and how Openreach are managing the cabinet demand. We have had customers get connected anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months after the original order was placed. On average we find that those on a Waiting List get connected in about 2 months after the original order was placed.

Can I find out how many people are in queue waiting?
No. Openreach do not publish this information or make it available to service providers. New orders get placed at the back of the queue, regardless of it's size, then make there way up towards the first place.

Can I bypass the Waiting List?
No. Where a Waiting List is present, the only way to get FTTC is to order via a service provider who supports the process. Orders will then be honoured by Openreach on a first come served basis.

I have no broadband, can I order an ADSL broadband service first whilst I'm waiting for FTTC?
Yes! This is also our recommended way of going about things. Due to the unknown timescales of when a cabinet space becomes available, we often recommend having an ADSL service first, whilst we work to get your service converted to FTTC. Throughout the process, we will continue to send you review dates and eventually inform you of the changeover date. If you're a consumer, ordering one of ADSL Broadband packages starts from and if you're a business, this can be started from

Can Aquiss work miracles, I've heard you're the best?
Of course! In all serious, getting FTTC broadband where Waiting Lists are present, is more limited due to a percentage of the service provider opting out of support for it. Aquiss has been involved right from the start, supporting this process, with a full managed approach, supported by key members of staff who work with these orders as part of daily routine. We are extremely experienced in delivering customers with FTTC broadband in more challenging situations than normal.

So how to I order FTTC from Aquiss?
Ordering FTTC broadband where a Waiting List is present via Aquiss is ordered directly off our website in the normal way, our systems will be pick up on the Waiting List and start the managing process for you. If you're a consumer, ordering of our FTTC Broadband packages starts from and if you're a business, this can be started from

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