How do I get copies of invoices?

  • 19th September 2008 9:27 AM

You are able to get copy invoices, such as those for your VAT requirements, at any time by logging into our online service called eBilling.

Where do I locate eBilling?
1) Log into the web address or click the E-BILLING link at the top of this page.
2) You will be asked for your email address. This is your normal email address you have registered with Aquiss for billing contact.
3) You will be asked for a password. Just like the email address, the password is your normal Aquiss password that you use to log onto the Internet with us.
4) Click "Login". If all is correct, then you should be logged into e-billing service.

How do i locate the invoices once logged in?
1) Once logged in, you should see a link called My Invoices. This will take you to a list of historical invoices since you have been a customer with Aquiss.
2) Under the Actions column you will see an icon. Clicking on this will take you to a printable view of each invoice.

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