By default, when we send out invoices, we presume a customer wishes to be informed of the full process and steps. This includes invoice creation, the processing of a payment, if a payment remains unpaid, overdue etc. This for some can be too many notifications and paperwork.

We do however provide the ability for these communications to be reduced to the legal minimum by allowing a customer to control and switch off aspects of invoice notifications via our eBilling customer control portal.

Where do I locate eBilling?
1) Log into the web address

2) You will be asked for your email address. This is the email address that we have been sending your invoices to.

3) You will then be asked for a password. By default, this will be the password you originally gave us when you joined Aquiss, however, if you have ever changed this, please use your current password. A password reset is available, with a new password being sent to your registered email address in step 2 above.

4) Click "Login". If all is correct, then you should be logged into e-billing service.

How do I locate notifications?

1) Once logged in, you should see on the left hand side, your name and postal address details. Located below this is a green "Update" button. Press this button.

2) Scroll down the bottom until you reach Email Notifications and untick Invoice Emails (or tick to turn back on) and shown below.

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