In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your account with Aquiss, there are 2 ways you can cancel, either via transferring (known as a migration) to another provider or via a full cease of your Aquiss service. Please bare in mind that in all circumstances we require 14 days notice to cancel your account.

Transferring to another broadband provider
If you're looking to transfer your service to another broadband provider, then all you need to do is contact your new provider who will manage the transfer for you, through a process called GPL (Gaining Provider Led). As long as the new provider supports this process, they will set the dates of the transfer and inform Aquiss of this information.

Note: Not all gaining providers presently support the GPL process, therefore cancelling your services in full, as listed below would then apply. Aquiss has no control over this.

Of course, it should be noted, if any remaining months are left on your minimum contract, when a transfer is triggered, a final settlement invoice will be raised, which you will need to settle in full prior to your transfer completing.

Cancelling your service in full
If the new provider does not support transfers (migrations) or where you need to cancel in full, such as moving out of a property, then this is handled via a Broadband Cease process.

When this process applies a Broadband Cease Charge will be incurred. This charge covers the cost of disconnecting your broadband service, as outlined when you first setup a broadband contract with Aquiss. The charge to do this is £45.00 inc VAT. Of course, it should be noted, if any remaining months are left on your minimum contract, when you request your cease, a final settlement invoice will be also be raised alongside the Broadband Cease Charge. This final invoice needs to be settled in full prior to your departure from Aquiss to avoid further charges.

In order to advise us of a cease, please send an email to or raising a ticket by clicking here. Outline your full name, full address, account username and importantly the exact date you wish this to happen.

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