This article provides information on using BT's Speed Tester service to determine the speed of an ADSL or FTTC connection between your premises/home and the BT core network.

Information on the BT Speed checker:
The BT Speed Tester provides an indication of the speed of an ADSL or FTTC connection directly to BT's network - prior to your connection reaching the Aquiss network. This is useful when speed problems occur as it helps determine where problems are likely to be.

Please Note: Speed tests such as the BT Speed checker do not always provide accurate speed results. For this reason, any results obtained should only be used as a guide. Speed Tests performed on Apple Mac and Linux operating systems can frequently be incorrect.

Accessing the BT Speed Tester:
In a web browser, visit

Using the BT Speed Tester:
1) You will be presented with BT's Broadband Speed Tester page. You will be presented with 2 boxes, one labelled Telephone Number and one labelled Service Id. You only need to enter your telephone number, this being the number that your Aquiss broadband service is running on. The Service Id can be left blank. Press Go. The page will change to indicate the test is now running.

2) After a few seconds (this can take up to a minute in busy periods) you will be asked to enter your user/login name and domain. The domain box can be left blank, therefore you only need to enter details into the Username box. This needs to be entered as (where username is your Aquiss username). Once entered then click Go.

3) After a minute, your details will be confirmed and the speedtest will start. Once complete, you will be presented with the results of your Speed test. This includes your current IP Profile set by BT, your current upstream and downstream and the actual speed you got during this test and the acceptable range of speeds that show if your line is working fine. The results are provided in kilo bits per second (Kbps), and a guide to expected speeds is provided on the Test Results page. You are advised to run the test several times over the course of 48 hours to produce an average speed. We would advise saving each report locally in order that these can be given to Aquiss in the case of any problems.

Sending the results to Aquiss:
Once you have completed a test, we would advise saving final outcome into a text file, such as Windows Notepad, by simply copying and pasting the result. Ensure that each test you do is time and date so that we can see if a pattern is appearing. We would advise that at least 3 tests are carried out over a 24 hour period.

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