To expand further our Business Unlimited Fibre product range, we have listed below, a growing list of less common questions and answers. This article was last updated/checked on 15th February 2015.

So why should I join Aquiss?
If you're reading this, you've possibly already taken your first step - how is it, good hey? At Aquiss, we're a pretty open-minded bunch, but we're single minded when it comes to our approach to quality. We have one goal - PERFECTION! And bundles of it! Welcome to our world. We're pretty obsessed (we admit to being a little geeky at times) about balancing all aspects of our products, blending years of experience with high quality solutions. We can only offer our apologises in advance for being really friendly.

I don't have fibre broadband currently, is there a charge?
Yes. Excluding any offers, there would be a one-off charge of £80.00 to activate broadband on a working telephone line.

I currently have my broadband with an LLU based provider, such as TalkTalk or Sky. Is there a charge to join?
Yes. Excluding any offers, if your broadband is currently with an LLU (local loop unbundled) provider, which means services are not within BTs network, to which there are many, there would be a one-off charge of £80.00 to move to the Family Unlimited Fibre product.

I currently have my broadband via a BT network based provider, is there a charge to join?
Yes. Excluding any offers, there would be a one-off charge of £80.00 to migrate your service.

Is this product compatible with Smart TV's, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky OnDemand and Sky Now?
Yes, the BBC iPlayer service and various streaming services that are enabled in smart TVs are fully compatible. Likewise Sky's OnDemand service will also work allowing you to watch catch-up television via your Sky set-top box and your Aquiss broadband connection. Please note certain services such as streaming (e.g. BBC iPlayer) require a minimum connection speed in order to perform effectively. If your connection speed falls below this minimum speed threshold you may be unable to use the service. Most of these services offer a free checker which will allow you to test if your connection is suitable to support the service. For more detailed information please check the minimum speed requirements with the service provider. For example, the BBC iPlayer website states a minimum speed of 1Mbps is recommended.

Is Authenticated SMTP available?
Yes, the ability to use Aquiss to relay your emails whilst not directly connected to the Aquiss network, such as via a mobile, tablet and laptop, is available as a cost option. This is currently charged at £1.00 (inc VAT) per mailbox, per month.

I notice that coverage availability of this product is listed as 68%, why is this?
The product is based upon the BT Wholesale 21CN WBC fibre network availability, which is being rolled out by BT Openreach nationally around the UK at present. Currently this has not reached all telephone exchanges, but an estimated completion date is set by BT for 2017. All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated and are shown in GBP. E & OE.

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