Adding Extra Email Mailboxes


If you have activated your email with Aquiss you will have got a newly created mailbox by default. This is a place on our mail servers where we store any emails which are sent to you. You can then log into your mailbox through either an email client local to yourself of via the Aquiss Webmail service. Your default mailbox will look like forename @ username . aquiss . com (without the gaps) and is setup by default as a captureall type mailbox. In other words any sent email to any address which ends in your extension will still arrive directly into your mailbox.

Adding Extra Mailboxes:
The captureall approach is useful for those just starting out with ourselves or new to email, however you may have requirements where your partner, children or even business need to have emails going off to different people. This is where extra mailboxes come into play, allowing our email servers to redirect addressed emails to certain mailboxes, for collection by computers or people.

Example: Default Mailbox : forename @ username . aquiss . com (without the gaps)
Extra Mailbox 1 : partner_name @ username . aquiss . com (without the gaps)
Extra Mailbox 2 : sales @ username . aquiss . com (without the gaps)

How do I add extra mailboxes?
We don't at present have an automatic online system for these to be controlled (it is in development), however for maiboxes to be setup please email either our support team on or by raising a ticket via the Aquiss support centre. Our reaction times to creating extra mailboxes is very quick, and by return we will send you all your login details that you will need.

My email service does not appear to work:
We do not set up email by default as we have found that email is only required by a minority of users. Therefore, should you wish for email services to be activated on your account please send an email request to or by raising a ticket via the Aquiss support centre and we will be pleased to set this up within a short period of time.

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