What is a microfilter?

  • 16th September 2008 10:22 AM

A microfilter (sometimes referred to as a 'splitter' or 'filter') is an adapter that plugs in to your telephone socket(s) when you have ADSL broadband. The microfilter separates the ADSL signal from the normal phone signal. You plug both your phone and your ADSL modem/router in to the microfilter which then goes in to your phone socket. This allows you to use both the phone and your broadband at the same time with no problems or interference. It is important you use a microfilter in every socket where you use a phone, fax, sky box or any other telephony device as doing so can cause many problems such as slow speeds and disconnections to your broadband. Note: In some premises BT may have installed a master socket filter which means that the main socket in your house will already have a filter built in, along with two ports on the front of it - one for the phone and one for the modem or router. If you have this type of socket, you will not need to use normal filters in any other sockets in your house.

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