Unable to send emails when using Webmail

When using the Aquiss Webmail service, if you are unable to send email, but instead presented with an error similar to the example (fig 1) given below, this is normally the result that you have not setup, or misconfigured, your reply address via the service options. Example (fig 1) ERROR: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable Server replied: 550 Verification failed for username @ username.aquiss.com Unknown user Sender verify failed How do I correct this problem? Allowing email to be sent out, known as relaying, is quite easy. Whilst logged into the webmail service, click the Options link located towards the top of the page. Within this section, you will see a link listed as Personal Information which you need to click on. This will present you with a number of boxes that need to be filled in, however the most important ones, and the cause of this reported problem are Full Name, Email Address and Reply Address. Enter these details as required. Once these have been correctly entered, its advisable to log out of the webmail service, and log back in again. This should now allow you to send your email without further problems.

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