A basic guide for configuring IPv6 on PFSense (2.7.2) with Aquiss (should probably also work for OPNsense).

A special thanks to our customer, James Wolf, who has created this guide.

Enabling IPv6 Globally

System -> Advanced -> Networking


Configuring the WAN

Interfaces -> WAN


Configuring the LAN

Interfaces -> LAN


Choose an address from within your allocation, configure a/64


Now make sure other devices on your network can configure v6 addresses - In this example, we use SLAAC (Router Mode Unmanaged)

Services -> Router Advertisement



Configuring your firewall

NB: how open or restrictive you configure the rules here is entirely up to you - I will only mention one rule that is required for stable operation - the rest is up to you..

Firewall -> Rules -> WAN

The rule could do with some fine-tuning to be more restrictive and only allow specific DHCP traffic, but without it, you may find that your ipv6 connectivity is unstable (keeps dropping) as the dhcp conversation may be blocked.


You should now have a fully operational IPV6 configuration and be able to connect to services over v6 rather than v4.

Diagnostics and Checks


Your status should look something like this


You can ignore the fact that the WAN interface has a link-local address(fe80::) configured - this is 100% normal in the v6 world

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