I have problems logging Aquiss customer control panel

This article provides helpful information for those having problems gaining access to the Aquiss customer control panel. The Aquiss customer control panel system is the central system that allows the control and the display of many elements of the customer experience.

Steps to Access the Aquiss customer control panel
1) Log into http://control.aquiss.net/ or click the Control link at the top of this page.
2) You will be asked for a username. This is your normal Aquiss username "without" the prefix or suffix. (ie: if your Aquiss Broadband username was abb-joebloggs@aquiss.com then your username would be just use "joeblogs".
3) You will be asked for a password. Just like the username, the password is your normal Aquiss password that you use to log onto the Internet with us.
4) Click "Confirm". If all is correct, then you should be logged into the dashboard of the customer control panel. Various sub categories are visable across the top of the service.

I am still having problems logging in:
If you are still having problems then firstly don't panic. Generally most people get caught out on step 2 above. Just quickly review this step again. If you are still having issues, then it's likely that either your password is incorrect or there is a problem with your control panel access. In either case Aquiss Customer Services will be able to help and can be reached on either support@aquiss.net or contacted via telephone on 01746 708090

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