Plesk is the control panel software that we at Aquiss use for reselling shared hosting services, advanced hosting of domain names and of course those with a passion for dedicated web site ownership. Our Plesk service allows you can manage the hosted domain names and web sites on your own, or delegate permissions to manage individual domains to other users. Upon delegation, a separate Domain Administrator's control panel environment is automatically created, providing web site and e-mail management capabilities in accordance with the permissions you define.

To log in to your Plesk control panel:
1) Open your normal web browser of choice, and in the address bar type the URL
2) Press ENTER. Plesk login screen will open.
3) Type the login name and password we have provided you with into the Login and Password boxes, respectively.
4) If you log in for the first time, select the language for your control panel from the Interface language drop-down box. If you had previously specified the interface language and saved it in your interface preferences, leave the User default value selected.
5) Click Login.

I have forgotten my Plesk password:
1) In your web browser's address bar, type the URL
2) Press ENTER. Plesk login screen will open.
3) Click the Forgot your password? link.
4) Type your login name into the Login box, and type your e-mail address registered in the system into the E-mail box.
5) Click OK. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

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