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Please Note:
The information contained on this page applies to telephone services that are with Aquiss. We are unable to add/remove Answer 1571 from phone services provided by other companies.

What is BT Answer 1571?
BT Answer 1571 is an answering service that answers calls when you're away from the phone or engaged on another call. You'll know there's a new message in your mailbox because of the stutter dial tone on the line. You can record your own personal greeting for callers to hear, changing it as often as you like.

How do I get BT Answer 1571?
To order BT Answer 1571, please contact the Aquiss Sales Department on or by calling 01746708090. Adding 1571 will take up to 24 hours to be activated on your home or business line. Further details about phone call features call be found

How do I remove BT Answer 1571 from my line?
You can easily cancel 1571 by contacting our Aquiss Accounts Department via email on or by calling 01746708090.

How do I record a personal greeting on my line?
1. Dial 1571 using a telephone which has touch-tone dialling
2. Press 2 from the main menu to use a personal greeting
3. Press 1
4. You'll hear a message saying you haven't got a personal greeting yet. To record a personal greeting, press 1
5. After pressing 1, you'll be able to record a greeting after the tone. Press square (#) to finish
6. You'll be able to listen to what you've recorded before deciding whether to use it, or to record another version. To cancel recording and return to the greeting menu, press star (*)

How do I access my BT Answer 1571 messages?
Once the service is activated, simply dial 1571 from your phone to access your BT Answer 1571 mailbox.

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