Following months of trials, Aquiss has suspended any further involvement with technology in favour of full-fibre solutions.

Whilst a number of other providers have openly supported the rollout of as a convenient means to deploy higher speeds to the “few”, UK Internet Provider, Aquiss, believes that such mind-sets are somewhat misguided. Martin Pitt, Managing Director of Aquiss said “A full-fibre approach is now the only logical way forward, putting aside short term solutions for long term benefits”.

Martin continued “Our conclusion on is that it’s a resource wasteful technology both in deployment costs and that its delivered benefits are far less than originally proclaimed. The focus should now be on full-fibre and complete scaling back of any plans for in favour of FTTP and FTTH solutions”.

Aquiss offers a selection of full-fibre FTTP packages from as little as £30.00 per month (currently £15.00 for the first 3 months) with free installation. Full details can be found

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