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Why is Aquiss the right choice for my broadband?

  • 16/09/2008 9:18 AM
  • Broadband (Pre Sales)
Very good question. Quite simply we offer an excellent high grade broadband service with a wide choice of packages. These are priced honestly, rather than at headline grabbing promotions. Many rival ISPs have become very tightly focused and limited to what they offer, unnecessary in many cases, especially with tiny usage restrictions. We accept and acknowledge that we live in a changing world, with the adoption of broadband as the delivery platform for many services, all requiring more and more bandwidth. These bandwidth increases require an ISP that is open minded, works with these increases, and has a network second to none behind it. We are all these points and more. All our support is UK based and very much customer focused. We don't read from scripts nor do we have dozens of levels of management. We treat our customers as friends and as one big family.

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